What Do You Miss When You Are Travelling

Sun Lounger Lottery

Some of the things we miss when we travel are so apparently obvious. Others may become more so, at unexpected times. This ritual, the sun lounger lottery, is not as good as when you are on your hotel balcony at 6 pm and just sipping that first ice-cold beer. In fact, this ritual for bagging the best lounger can create a lot of stress. Even so, it is a thrill that you can miss if it is not there.

Maybe you have never been able to bag the best lounger. This is often a privilege that goes to those obsessed people who will rise at the ungodly hour of 6 am, throw four towels over the sunbeds that are the most comfortable, best positioned, and least inconvenient of those in the resort, and also so that other guests read the situation correctly, will also add there a well-thumbed novel, a plastic toy, half a bottle of water and a bottle of sun protection lotion.

If you are still want to have a chance to get yourself a lounger that is near to the pool, close to the bar, and far away from trees that may cast shade and reduce your time forgetting that suntan, then just get up before it is time for the breakfast buffet to open.

You will miss the adrenalin rush that goes early into the sunlight with towels in hand to bag the best lounger in the house, or at least those that are among the best. Anything that causes your pulse to race and sharpens your senses is positive in these days of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Airport Pret

When you think about it, it can be quite funny. When you pass up a Pret on the streets in your locality, it does not cause a fuss. They have coffee that is average, soups that are salty, and their avocado wrap is one that you have eaten probably a thousand times. But when you see a Pret in an airport you will feel that you have had all your Christmases come in at the same time. A place I would strongly recommend for traveling is Borneo dream.

The Minibar

My kids did not believe that the minibar that they thought was a little fridge was even real. They were pleasantly surprised that it contained orange juice and coke, tins which they stroked in wonder. And more so when they learned that they were refilled every day. Even I, though I am much older, find it hard to believe that a person comes in with a trolley, and kindly fills all the liquids that we have drunk after we have spent a hard and long day at the beach. That is when you do not want to go looking for the nearest supermarket. So you just grab that ice-cold Heineken in the minibar. And there are even nuts and crisps to go with it. Maybe they are just ready salted Pringles that seem to be the choice of minibars all over the world, whether you are in Miami or Melbourne, but then they just taste so good.

Minibars are not only useful when you are on a beach holiday, but can be of equal use when you are on a business trip, and often in a different time zone. You wake up at 5 am in LA or New York and reach for that popcorn packet in the minibar, the one with Aged White Cheddar. One of life’s pleasures that is often underrated is when you eat exotic junk food in the dead of night.

Of course, this form of nirvana has its drawbacks. You never find it a bargain when you see the bill for the minibar when you checkout. And the prices are not convenient. If you must know, it costs fifteen euros for a gin and tonic.

In-flight movie

You will not pay to download it at home or to watch it at the cinema. Even if it’s free to view at Christmas, you will probably not look at it, as you do not find cheesy romcoms of any interest. But then, you are on an airplane and find you must see it.

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