Tips for Staying Warm When Your Boiler’s Broken Down

Your boiler has broken now and you have called a plumber but it is taking time for them to come and fix the issue. You have to keep yourself warm as you wait for the problem to be fixed, but it can be a challenge for most.

You don’t have radiators heating your home, which forces you to be a little creative and use other methods to keep warm. The good thing is there are things you can do to keep yourself warm when the temperature is low, even if your boiler has broken down. There are things below that you might find yourself doing without thinking, but this is a compilation of the top tips that will help you when your boiler is broken. If you are interested in a more reliable source of heating, you might be interested in Electric Heaters.

Below are the six tips that are going to help you stay warm:

Adding Layers

The first thing you need to do is add extra layers of clothing. A few extra layers can do a lot of wonders if you want to keep warm.

Each extra layer is going to insulate from the cold and help avoid body heat from escaping. You don’t have heating to keep you warm, you have to rely on insulation to get the most out of the heat you have.

Put on coats, gloves, and hats to get the best results. If possible, get the od blanket because every layer is going to help.

Closing Your Curtains

The windows are the biggest cause of heat loss in your home. you have to find a way of minimizing heat loss through the windows if you want to stay warm. A good way to do this is by closing your curtains.

When you close your curtains, especially at night, it will help in stopping heat from escaping through the windows and keep heat inside. You cant get this effect from blinds, so you cannot substitute a pair of thick curtains.

When the outside is sunny, open the curtains so that light enters. A little sun even during the winter is going to help keep your home warm through the day. Light is also great because it is going to make you feel happier.

Closing the doors

Heating one room is much easier compared to heating the entire house. Ensure your doors are closed so you can retain heat in the room, instead of letting it fade away to the rest of your home. There is no need to let the heat escape your room.
You need to just focus on heating the rooms you are going to be in when you need to be there. When you heat the entire house, you spend more energy and it becomes hard to keep it warm. Make sure the doors are closed any time you want to heat a room.

To further retain the heat and prevent warmth from escaping from the room, consider using draft excluders or placing towels at the bottom of the door. Such small things are going to make a lot of difference in keeping your room warmer for longer.

Eating warm food

One of the best things is having a warm, hearty meal during the winter season. This becomes even more important when you have a broken boiler.

Eating warm food is going to keep you warm as you wait for the plumber to get there and fix your heating. Your hob and oven are still working, put together a hearty meal and enjoy it as you wait for the problem to be fixed.

A hot mug of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea is a useful idea to keep your hands warm, even if you are wearing gloves. You are going to feel comfortable as you wait for the plumber to come and fix the problem.

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