The Best Fencing For Privacy and Security

Any homeowner benefits from adding a fence around their property, whether it is in a rural, urban, or suburban community. A good fence around the perimeter offers various benefits to the homeowner. Fences are beneficial in that they can change the appearance of a home, increase the value of the property, and add privacy and security to a yard.

How Can Fences Add Privacy And Security To A Yard?

Below are some of the security-related and privacy concerns that a good-quality fence can help the homeowners with.

  • Deterring Break-ins.
    Installing a tall fence discourages robbers from stealing any items in the backyard and makes it harder for home invasions to happen too.
  • Privacy from neighbours
    A fence around the property will prevent nosey people from spying on events happening in the backyard.
  • Prevents running away
    If a home has children and pets, a fence is beneficial in that it will allow the children and pets to play in the backyard without the risk of running away and getting lost.
  • Keeps out dangerous animals.
    Fences are best for keeping out any stray animals or wild animals that may enter the property and harm pets or cause damage to the yard features.

Popular Fencing For Privacy and Security:

An Overview

Choosing the right fence for any property can be overwhelming as residential fences come in all materials, designs, sizes, shapes, and price points. To make the selection process a bit easier for homeowners, below is an overview of the privacy and security features of the top three fencing materials.

A) Wooden Fences

A new wooden fence gives the homeowner the ultimate privacy while using the backyard. In a wooden fence, the gaps between the wooden panels can be closed off completely, that is if the homeowner desires it. It prevents any passers-by from peeking into the backyard through the cracks in the fence, which means that the homeowner has peace of mind as they are secluded from the view outside the property.

However, it is important to note that wooden fences are not as long-lasting as iron fences. They are also more prone to wear and tear, which makes them a less secure option compared to iron fences. Wooden fences are preferable if the homeowner is considering a more affordable fencing option. Additionally, there are protective sealants available that are applied to the wooden panels to make them more durable.

With wooden fences, homeowners can easily design their fences to create the look that they desire. The various wood fence types available are;

  • Spruce wood
  • Cypress wood
  • Pinewood
  • Cedarwood
  • Redwood

B) Ornamental and Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is one of the most popular choices for professional security gates and with good reason. The top reason is that wrought iron fences and ornamental fences are made from strong and long-lasting materials that can withstand almost anything that comes in their way. The fences are also incredibly difficult to climb and hop over compared to wooden or chain-link fences.

Wrought iron fences and ornamental fences have a beautiful curb appeal, prevent intruders, and are durable. However, they do not offer as much security as wooden fences. The gaps between wrought iron fences mean that any people near the property can see the goings-on in the backyard. They are also more expensive than wooden fences.

Wrought iron fences and ornamental iron fences are different in that the latter is more affordable and easier to maintain.

C) Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are a preferred option for most homeowners because they are affordable and also easy to maintain. Chain link fences do add a certain level of security as they prevent pets and children from running away. However, they do not offer adequate privacy like wooden fences.

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