Reasons Why Timber Furniture Is the Best Choice for Your Home

Various Kinds of Timber

Oak: Oak is a dense and heavy wood. It is available in either white or red. It is ideal for furniture pieces that are used to bear weight such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and even oak staircases.

Pine: Pine is easy to work with in forming different shapes. It takes paint and stains very well, and there are many furniture pieces in pine that are untreated. It suits furniture designs that have more curves or have more ornamentation.

Ash: Ash is a durable wood that resists decay. It takes stains and paints nicely. A lot of people prefer ash over oak for different types of furnishings.

Mahogany: This is a premium wood usually found in high-end furniture due to its cost. The wood is soft and easy to shape. It is good for intricate designs and trims. It is popular for making drawers and cabinets.

Walnut: Among hardwoods, walnut is the most expensive. The wood tone comes from dark brown to black. It is popular in many types of furniture. The wood is not the hardest, so it is not difficult to shape.

Timber Furniture and Its Benefits

Here are reasons why timber furniture would an ideal choice for your home or business:

1) Timber is Versatile

Wood is timeless and suits many decor styles from modern to rustic. It can be shaped into unlimited types of designs. Not only can you use wood for indoor furniture, but certain species of wood can be used for outdoor furnishings as well. Examples are furniture made from pine and jarrah that are treated. These can look wonderful in gardens and verandas.

2) Timber is Strong and Durable

Furniture made from timber is easy to take care of and requires little maintenance. These are reasons why many people prefer timber furniture. Timber is durable, strong, and elegant. That is why you see many premium antique furniture pieces made from wood that still look beautiful. Its durability and beauty make quality timber furniture an excellent investment.

3) Timber is Low-Maintenance

It takes little effort to keep timber furniture looking nice. The wood is durable. You can maintain the lovely appearance with just a bit of polishing, waxing, or oiling every now and then. On a regular basis, just wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth to remove the dust.

4) Timber Looks and Feels Elegant

Regardless of the color and tone of the wood, timber furniture emits a feel of charm, elegance, and warmth. A skilled craftsman can shape fine furniture into practically any design desired. The possibilities are endless. In the urban areas, densely populated areas with apartments can feel cold, plain, and sterile. However, the look and feel of a cold living space can be quickly changed by the placement of timber furniture. People can enjoy a bit of nature and comfort by placing a wood cabinet, table or chairs in their homes. Timber furniture can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. It can immediately change the feel of the living environment and let the occupants experience a bit of luxury.

5) Timber Furniture Can Be Modified

The look of timber furniture can be changed by a new coat of paint or stain. This can be done repeatedly over a long period of time. The furniture can be refinished in a new color, if preferred, to change the look that will fit the style of any room.

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