Reasons Why I Love London

One of the main reasons why I love London is when you start living there, each day you will feel like you have travelled around the world without having to board a plane. When you cross the city by tube or by bus, you are offered an opportunity to meet people from across the globe. Do you love French cuisine? There is an abundance of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Want to try African cuisine? Then make sure you visit African Centre. Want to try authentic Brazilian açai? Pay a visit to Bermondsey, where you can take in the sights, tastes, and sounds of authentic markets.

Fantastic, Free And Weird Museums

In London, there are many types of museums that are popular in large cities. These include ancient and modern art, war, science, maritime, history, and many portrait galleries. Most of these venues are free, a real bonus when you take the high costs of living associated with London. Another bonus is the very unique and weird museums such as Freud Museum, Pollock’s Toy Museum, or the Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.


London and the UK might be the “world’s capital of tea”, but I prefer coffee so I had to mention the outstanding coffee-shop scene that exists in London. London offers many internet-connected cafes that offer the perfect place to chill, read, or work.

Lots Of Free Stuff

London may be ultra-expensive and you may find it difficult to keep up with your bills when you live there. However, there are also many museums as I mentioned before, things to do and activities for free available throughout the year.

Some of these include Gay Pride, Notting Hill Carnival, The Angel Comedy Club, the Sky Garden, and many more.

Europe Is On Your Doorstep

I really started to travel when I lived in London. With 5 airports and International train connections (you can even catch a train to Brussels and Paris from the St. Pancras), within a short 2-hour flight, you could be exploring Vienna for a weekend, eating your favourite pizza in Rome, or even swimming in Barcelona.

The Beautiful Architecture

Wherever you go in London, you will often be awe-inspired by the unique and diverse architecture that surrounds you. It is common when you wander around this city to notice shiny skyscraper buildings next to medieval buildings. Exploring the British capital can be compared to taking an adventure through history.

The Parks

London is among the greenest of cities across the globe with over 8 million trees in London alone. This means that 47% of this capital is a green space, which makes up almost 50% of this city. The Brits are well known for loving a stroll in the park, followed by refreshing drinks in local bars such as Apples and Pears.

Some of the parks you don’t want to miss in central London, include Kensington Gardens and Hyde, Holland, Regent’s, Battersea Parks, St. James, and Green.

The Outstanding Beauty

Some people don’t think that London is beautiful. But when it comes to me, exploring Soho, or walking along the Southbank promenade, or even visiting Big Ben is an incredibly beautiful experience.

The Brits

I apologize to the Aussies and the Americans, but I adore the British accent. I really do, I have also worked extremely hard to try and replicate it (with minimal results). I also just love the Brits too. To begin with, I didn’t understand their humour. But over time I found it funny, subtle, and brilliant. Yes even when they start complaining about their weather conditions.

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