Reasons why give back to society?

There are plenty of great reasons why you should consider giving back to society. Not only does giving back or donating to a cause you are passionate about the benefit the charity, but it also benefits you as well. The advantages of giving back are way more than you might think. Giving back can be greatly rewarding. Many people who have formed a habit of giving back to society or donating to causes they believe in say that doing so has had a positive impact on their lives as well. So, to answer the question, why is giving to charity so gratifying? Here are some compelling reasons that emphasize the answer to ‘Why give back to society?’

Experience Pleasure:

from the National Institute of Health found that people who donated a minimum amount every month have activated pleasure centres in the brain. The results from this entirely scientific and controlled experiment proved that donating money helps you feel better.

Add more meaning to your life:

When you have a habit of giving back or donating to charities, you create opportunities to meet other people who are passionate about the same causes as you. Interacting with like-minded people gives you more inspiration to make a real impact on these causes. And it also promotes a sense of purpose and meaning. If you’ve been feeling like your life has stagnated, giving back can help reinvigorate you.

Help others in need:

Given the state of the world, there is never the perfect time to give back. There will always be someone somewhere in need of help. Even with the economy being in a free fall and interest rates going through the roof, it doesn’t take a lot to donate to someone who really needs the money. Besides, your financial struggles are most likely temporary while for them, they don’t see an end to their hardships.

Strengthen your personal values:

96% of the respondents in the research study stated that they are obliged to assist others. They claimed that it is a moral duty deeply rooted in their personal values and principles. Giving back feels like their responsibility as a human. Today, corporate volunteering is becoming increasingly popular as it inspires workers to get involved.

Teaches children the importance of generosity:

Children often copy what they learn from adults. When a child sees their parent constantly giving back to society, they are highly likely to develop the same habits themselves. When children learn to give, share, and donate early on, the world will surely be in a better place tomorrow.

Inspire friends and family:

When your friends and family learn about your charitable donations, they will become more motivated to also do the same. They are likely to take the effort to donate what they can manage, especially towards communal causes including education and poverty. Giving back is a kindles passion in the people around you.

Every small donation helps:

There is no rule that states that you should donate a specific minimum amount. Even that seemingly meager amount can be enough to feed a starving kid for an entire week or provide medical help to an elderly person. Don’t avoid donating just because you think what you have is too small. All you need to know is that even that tiny amount can end up making a lot of difference.

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