Real Estate Photography Business – A Quick Guide

Are you a working photographer? Do you want to break into a new niche? Are you a completely new photographer looking to get a break? How much do you know about real estate photography?

If you are thinking of a career as a real estate photographer, there must be hundreds of questions going through your mind. For instance, you must be thinking about the money an average real estate photographer makes in a year, whether it is a profitable niche, how the product is priced, and other such things. Whether real estate drone photography is for you, or the right lens to use for capturing real estate?

This quick guide is focused on helping you learn everything you want to know about starting your own real estate photography business.

Requirements of the Business

The most obvious question is how to begin this business. It is a much more involved process than one thinks. There are many sub-niches in the bigger niche such as commercial real estate photography or house photography. If you’re interested in this business, you will need to wear a variety of hats.

While taking photographs of real estate is the core job, a photographer in this business has to spend a lot of time on many other things such as marketing, photo editing, admin work, sales, and hoose staging, among other things. If you are in the habit of taking a lot of time editing the photos, real estate photography isn’t likely to afford you such a luxury.

Turnaround times are a lot tighter in real estate photography as realtors always want everything quickly. 24 to 48 hours deadlines are common. The main job in this business is working alongside the real estate agents where you will be taking photos of commercial or residential real estate for online listings.

Real estate stock photography is another sub-niche you might be interested in.

Stock photography sites such as Shutterstock allow you to create an additional income source. It is a passive income source which means you will keep making money in the long run without doing any work. The only thing you need to do is upload your stock photo. I would highly recommend that you check out fourwalls to get more information on estate agents.

Pricing — Real Estate Photographer

Pricing is a genuine concern when it comes to planning a career in real estate photography. You would want to know the average price charged by professional photographers for their real estate photos.

When you are setting pricing for your work, don’t forget about all the additional work you will need to put in such as travel, preparation, associated fees as well as the time taken for editing the photos. In case you don’t have the equipment for real estate photography, it is important that you also factor in the expenses. For instance, you might have to invest in a new lens for taking good photographs of real estate.

Real estate photography takes a lot of time and you should never underestimate it. Sometimes, significant edits might be required on a job and that takes time. Times literally equals money for you. If somebody asks you for a faster than regular turnaround time, ask them for a higher rate.

You must be wondering whether real estate photography is a good business.

There is no standard answer. Just like other businesses, a number of factors matter such as your working style. You will need to market your business in order to discover new business opportunities. Also, this job requires flexibility with turnaround times.

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