Quick & Easy Team Building Activities

Two Truths & A Lie

Start the process by getting each member in the team to secretly write down 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves on a small piece of paper. Tell them not to reveal what they have written about themselves to anyone else in the team. Once the team has completed this step, allow ten to fifteen minutes for open conversation. Similar to a cocktail party, let each member of the team quiz each other on their three questions. The idea of the game is to convince other members that the lie is really a truth. You should try to guess other members’ truths/lies by asking multiple questions from them. Make sure that you don’t reveal your truths/lies to anyone in the team even if other members have already figured it out. After the ten or fifteen minutes allocated for conversation, gather all members in a circle and let each member repeat the three statements about themselves and have the members vote on which one they think is the lie about a particular team member. You may consider awarding points for each lie you guessed correctly or for stumping others on your own lie. This game will, no doubt, encourage better communication in the office and let you get to know your co-workers better.

Life Highlights Game

This icebreaker game is ideal for small and large groups of employees alike. The game begins by asking each member in the team to close his/her eyes for one minute and reminisce the best moments of his/her life. They may reminisce on moments they were alone or with their family and friends. The best moments of their lives can be professional successes, personal milestones, or exciting life adventures. After each participant has had enough time to run through the highlights of their lives, let them know that their search is about to be narrowed. While the participant has his/her eyes closed, ask each one of them to take a moment to decide what 30 seconds of the best moments in their lives they want to be reliving, in case they had only 30 seconds to live. While the first part of the game will let each participant reminisce the good moments in their lives, the second part of the activity will let the team members get to know their co-workers on an intimate level. In fact, the second part of the activity is considered the “review section.” The leader of the team should ask every participant in his/her team about what their 30 seconds consist of and why they chose it. This will let the team members know about the personalities and passions of the other members. You might be interested in taking a look at firebird events and getting inspiration for upcoming team building activities.

Coin Logo

Ask all members of the team to empty their purses, wallets, pockets of all coins and place the coins on a table in front of them. If a member doesn’t have any coins, others in the team can share their coins with him/her. Now ask each member of the team to create a personal logo in one minute by using the coins in front of him/her. They should be allowed to use any other materials they may have with them such as notebooks, pens, purses, wallets, etc. for this purpose. If the groups are too large, break the groups into 3-5 people and let them create a logo to represent them as a team. Now let each member explain his/her logo to the team or if the team was split into groups, let the leader of the group do so. This activity will encourage self and mutual awareness and let the members of the team get to know each other better.

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