How To Buy Quality Shock Absorbers For Your Vehicle

Just like the name suggests, a shock absorber’s work is to absorb a car’s shocks – they basically dampen the ride. Since vehicles experience all sorts of shaking and bouncing from the road caused by things like speed bumps, potholes, quick stops and starts, etc., shock absorbers help smooth out the ride so you do not bump your head on the car’s roof every time you hit a pothole.

Shock absorbers connect your car’s springs and wheels by way of the axles and the frame. While driving, your springs bounce up and down according to the terrain you’re traveling on. If this bounce isn’t controlled, the vehicle’s chassis will respond to each spring action, something that could result in a very rough and uncomfortable ride. And since tires also rebound differently from springs, this increases the driver’s chances of losing control of the vehicle. Shock absorbers help ensure that the tires and springs do not cause the person operating the vehicle to lose contact with the surface of the road.

Buy the right kind of shocks for your vehicle.

When buying shocks for your car, make sure the ones you get are the right ones for your vehicle. When it comes to shock absorbers, several types are available. Options include air shocks, overload shocks, automatic level-control shocks, heavy-duty shocks, standard shocks, and gas shocks. For readers looking to buy quality shocks absorbers for their vehicle then I would highly recommend you have a look at Koni.

Here are a few tips to help you know which type of shock absorber is right for your specific type of vehicle:

Gas shock absorbers:

In most cases, these shocks come on the car straight from the factory and are created with oil and nitrogen gas sealed inside the shock – this is what provides a cushion for your ride. This type of shock absorber lasts longer on smaller cars than standard shocks as it handles the extra bounce smaller cars tend to experience quite well.

Standard shock absorbers:

Standard shock absorbers are another type of shock that comes on the vehicle from the factory. They are standard and quite basic with no unique features. It’s worth noting that standard shocks rarely last for over 100,000 miles.

Heavy-duty shock absorbers:

This type of shock absorber is characterized by beefed-up attachment points, a larger diameter, and a larger centre shaft than standard shocks. Heavy-duty shocks are generally made for SUVs, vans, and trucks – vehicles that are designed to carry heavy loads. These shocks deliver a firmer ride until the load is quite substantial, in which case, the shocks even out.

Automatic Level-Control Shock Absorbers:

These shock absorbers have air pumps that activate to level out a vehicle’s weight distribution and are generally only found on luxury vehicles. Any type you are driving with extra trunk weight or a full passenger compartment, the air pumps add pressure to the shocks to compensate for the extra load.

Air shock absorbers:

These shocks use a more manual approach but are similar to auto-level control shock absorbers in that air has to be added to the shock absorbers by the driver if they need to dampen the drive.

Overload shock absorbers:

Also known as coil-overs, overload shocks come fitted with spring coils around the shock cylinder’s outside and are perfect for off-road vehicles like dune buggies and rock climbers as they help stiffen the shock’s reflex action.

There are many different types of shock absorbers available on the market today, which is why you need to make sure that you buy the right kind for your vehicle. When buying shocks, consider your needs and compatibility before spending any money.

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