How To Become A Successful Nanny In England And Abroad?

If you are interested in becoming a nanny, perhaps in England, or even abroad, here is some information that can help you.

It’s one of the best jobs that you can have if you enjoy working with children – you can apply for this profession, and start providing your services in England, and elsewhere, but keep in mind that this is a very demanding job. It is justifiable to say that it is a difficult job because you are actually educating, raising, and taking care of someone else’s children.

So what would you need to do to become a nanny, not only in England but for international clients?

  • Complete a DBS criminal check
  • Get Ofsted registered
  • Have child care experience
  • It is preferable to have some type of education and some hobbies
  • Be patient, friendly, and kind
  • Be committed and professional
  • What exactly is a DBS check and how does that apply to you?

This stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and is a comprehensive check which is required by law which includes:

The children’s barred list is going to show confidential information about people that are not allowed to work with kids.
Police Check – this allows you to ensure that you are the right candidate that is suitable to work with kids. According to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, this will show if the candidate has any prior criminal convictions, and other problems, that would show up on this standard disclosure.
Register within an agency

If you want to get a job as a successful nanny, you need to register with a child care agency which is free to do. It will require many of the items stated above which will include: passport, proof of DBS check, certificates and education diplomas, and any previous experience that you have had. If you are looking for a nanny, I recommend Payroll For Nannies.

What’s important for a nanny to have in the UK?

All of these requirements are very important, but you also need to be well presented and punctual. You are also going to take responsibility for the development and safety of the children you are responsible for. Your duties will include cleaning the rooms, doing the laundry, preparing meals, and other activities. You may also have to bring them to appointments for a doctor, and if you are going to accompany the children to school, or perhaps to dance or music lessons, that may be part of your itinerary. If you are skilled at playing any type of musical instrument or playing sports, this will be beneficial in gaining employment.

If you are not British, there are nanny services that you can still do in the UK, as there are many families that want their children to have a nanny that is not from their country. Just make sure that you are well versed in English.

What is important if you want to be a British nanny abroad?

If you want to become successful, as a nanny abroad, you must be very cautious. Prior to accepting a job, you need to do research regarding your employer.

There should be at least two video interviews.
Check references of the family. Visit the child care agency if you would prefer. If that’s not possible, look for previous nannies, or even staff members, that have worked with these families to get more information.
Prior to agreeing to work with them, especially for a long time position, see if you can participate in a probationary period.
Plan B – as a contingency plan, if your employer does not fulfil promises made; what would you do if you were experiencing all of this in a foreign country?

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