Expert Speak: Reasons Why You Should Study Architecture

Ava – Assignment Help, Sydney

“According to current trends, the demand for green architecture will only continue rising. As it is, the key reason why people study architecture is to become architects. If you ever want to design any type of building, the first thing that you have to do is to attend a reputable architecture school – a course that can take up to 13 years before you are licensed to be officially an architect. Just like other courses, you need a lot of dedication, commitment, and passion to succeed in this field. The best part about choosing a career as an architect is that it is a very stable job since there will always be hospitals, universities, residential stores, and other types of installations that need to be designed and/or renovated. Should you choose a career in architecture, it is best to focus on green/sustainable architecture since trends show that more and more people are leaning towards green designs.”

Norman Foster – Renowned English Architect

“As an architect, you will easily be able to satisfy your creative hunger. When designing buildings, you will look at past building designs to craft buildings for current use without knowing what future innovations and trends portend. If you are a creative individual, a career in architecture is something that you should definitely think about pursuing. This is because this career usually involves crafting something uniquely new – be it sketching, drawing actual designs, painting, taking photographs, collaging your photographs, rendering 3D computer drawings, or building your work portfolio.

Thomas – Experienced Architect

“Becoming an architect is a great way to improve your problem-solving skills. This is because, in this career, you will almost inevitably run into one type of problem or another. The issues that you encounter will help you hone your investigation, data collection, and information interpretation in a bid to come up with the perfect solution. The problem-solving skills that you garner as an architect can easily be transferred across a wide range of industries. Simply put, when working as an architect, you will be able to perfect your problem-solving skills no matter what situation you are put in.”

Isla – Top-Tier Architectural Assignment Help (UK)

“As an architect, you will be able to travel across the world. Any good architect loves exploring the world with a view of identifying how different buildings are put up, from palaces, monuments to castles. During their travels, architects are usually able to garner information that they can put to use in creating unique building designs and offering global building design solutions. If you love traveling the world and exploring how different types of buildings are/were put up, you probably have some architect within you.” As a side benefit, you might want to take a look at house building cost calculator free UK.

Mason – Professional Architect

“Being an architect is a great way to explore your inner nature especially if you are an extrovert. As it is, some of my closest friends today are people who we studied with together. As an architect, you need to be a team player and this means interacting with a lot of different people from different sectors and communities. During these interactions, you get to make a lot of new friends while at the same time getting an opportunity to see the world through their eyes.”


“Most students who have unusual or very unique ideas often find/feel constricted in a school environment since they are often expected to follow rigorous rules. However, this is not usually the case if you are studying architecture. In this course, you are usually encouraged to think outside the box so as to come up with highly unique solutions to very difficult problems.


“The course work for architecture students often seems intimidating especially for freshmen. However, once you delve deeper into architectural studies, you usually learn how to handle the course load as time passes. This is a great way to test your limits and find out exactly what you can achieve. As an architecture student, you are able to test your limits to the maximum and find out just how much you can take.”

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