A Beginner’s Guide To Modifying A Car’s Stock Suspension

The suspension system in a car is the key to having a balanced ride. The suspension plays two crucial roles:

  • It is designed to ensure the vehicle goes in the direction it is stirred towards. The car might be thrown off course or off-balance if it did not have proper suspension, meaning it cannot absorb the undulations and bumps on the road.
  • Being able to absorb the bumpiness and undulations means the car will be a stable, smoother, and more enjoyable ride

The Heart Of A Suspension System: Springs And Shock Absorbers

To grasp how a suspension system works, you need to understand its two chief components and how they contribute to better absorption when the vehicle is on a bumpy road keeping it planted. The components in question are:


Springs are stiff, wound metal coils that compress and expand when absorbing bumps.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are meant to keep the springs from bouncing continuously when they compress and expand under the vehicle’s weight when absorbing the undulations and bumps. They are the primary elements in the suspension system that contribute to the smooth and stable ride when driving over bumpy surfaces since they limit the unnecessary up-and-down motion the springs generate.

Furthermore, shock absorbers support a significant amount of the car’s weight allowing the springs to play when compressing and expanding for a smooth ride over undulations.

Stock Suspension Systems

Cars tend role out from the manufacturers with stock suspensions systems tuned for comfort. That means the suspension will have more play than necessary, making your vehicle feel like it has a boat-like effect. The suspension is soft to the point where the car bobs up and down more than would be ideal for most drivers.

Such unnecessary suspension play also means you might feel the car leaning more when negotiating corners, which is unsettling for many drivers. In short, stock suspension systems often make cars too bouncy which causes drivers to be less confident going through corners even at legal speeds to avoid rolling. If you are looking for somewhere to buy high-quality suspension systems then Apex Suspension is the place.

You can consider doing some modifications to improve the suspension system in your car for a more confident and comfortable ride:

Lower the springs to improve the suspension. It perhaps is among the cheapest modification options. The objective of installing the install lowering springs is to bring down the vehicle’s stock ride height. The modification reduces the space between the wheel well and the tires.

The lowering springs are smaller than what comes stock, making the car sit lower. In some instances, drivers opt for the modification for aesthetic reasons instead of helping to improve handling. However, it is possible to enhance your vehicle’s handling if you invest in high-quality lowering springs. The car will have a lower centre of gravity that keeps it from leaning too much in corners.

Conversely, you could worsen your vehicle handling by installing substandard lowering springs. For instance, the springs can be too stiff to compensate for the reduction in the bouncing or too soft that the car can bottom out over bumpy surfaces due to less suspension stroke.

In either situation, the comfort levels are also low, and the vehicle is most likely to lose control when it encounters bumps and undulations at high speeds.

Given this, experts recommend buying quality, lowering springs designed for your vehicle model when modifying the suspension to improve its handling. Going for the generic springs will soon turn into a regrettable investment.

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