6 Reasons That Might Persuade You To Go For A Bespoke Kitchen

You Are At The Centre Of Everything

People who live in it and use it are the most valuable aspect of creating a bespoke kitchen. Design such a kitchen must be founded on a deep understanding of what you need, considering the family dynamic coupled with individual requirements. It also must blend with your personality and lifestyle.

The designer will want to know how you and your family will use the room for the different occasions besides the daily meal preparation routine. How many people would you want in the kitchen at a given time? Are there kids and pets to consider? And, do you prefer cooking as a couple?

The design layout also must account for simple practicalities. It would be best to reach all the cupboards, meaning they should be the ideal height (not too low or high). Also, it is essential to consider any physical disabilities within the family and plan to accommodate their needs. For those of you who are considering getting a Bespoke Kitchen done, then I would recommend getting in touch with timber technology.

Practical Solutions

Homes might have a similar structural design but distinctively different; thus, expect to achieve the same when you go for a bespoke kitchen. It is faultlessly designed to fit your space, needs, and preferences.

Most off-the-peg kitchens do not do well with uneven walls, supporting columns, or awkward spaces. They can be a real headache, functionally and visually. However, a tailored approach can help you make the most of the available features, creating the ideal kitchen.

Maximising Space

A fully functional kitchen must provide ample storage. Therefore, we consider this requirement when designing bespoke kitchens. We consider the appliances and equipment you have and how you use them to ensure each has its place, whether tucked away or on display.

A custom kitchen has limitless storage possibilities. You can do cabinetry with different shelving configurations, drawer partitions, pull-out shelves, dispenser units, and in-cabinet drawers, among other options.

Colour Matching To Your Poodle

We have come across clients with a deep love for their pet dog and request us to consider colour matching their new kitchen. Blues and greys are current favourites, and traditional natural would texture the next best option.

However, a bespoke kitchen design does not limit you to current trends or stock in the high street shops.

Finishing Touches

We have learned that the small details often make the most resounding impact on bespoke kitchens. The custom designer will consider the room’s aspects to ensure the choices meet your needs and preferences.

We avoid working with a specific supplier for accessories to ensure that every detail, from the flooring to cabinet handles, is tailored for you. The lighting must be perfect, whether using artificial lighting like task lights, ceiling light and colour changing LEDs along the plinths to having an abundance of natural lighting through your window.

We also must plan for your electrical needs, planning for the placement of the electric sockets to power your kitchen appliances and a few at the seating areas where people can charge their phones. Therefore, the bespoke design must incorporate smart technology.

Simple And Seamless Installation

We can assemble your bespoke kitchen in our workshop and bring it over for installation. That means the process might take some time with our technicians visiting your home for measures and working for several weeks to ensure your new kitchen is perfect. Overall, your bespoke kitchen will be a worthwhile investment.

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