4 Ideas and Tips for a Thoughtful Going Away Party

Choose a venue

It’s not wise to take it for granted that the person who is going away will allow you to host the party at his house. If he offers to host the party at his house, you can always plan the other things at the party. But if he doesn’t say anything, choose a venue where all your guests can reach without any problem.

You can even host the party at your house instead of booking an extravagant hotel room or a restaurant. Just make sure the group is big enough and there are sufficient refreshments.

Make a guest list

You first need to decide whether you want only friends or a mixture of family and friends for the going away party. Ask your friend if he has any specific guest list in mind or not. On the other hand, if you are planning to throw a surprise party, you should decide for yourself whether to include family members or not.

Invite the guests well in advance and ask for RSVPs

Even the most lavish party may seem bleak if people fail to turn up. Give your guests enough time so that they can arrange their work accordingly and then come for the party. If you already have a date in mind, make sure you invite the guests at least three weeks in advance. This would also give you time to notify the guests, in case you need to reschedule the date. Send a text or e-invitation cards to the guests. Just make sure you mention important details like the address of the venue, the time of the party, and whether guests should dress for a specific theme.

It’s important to know how many guests will turn up. Therefore, insist on RSVPs so that you know the number of guests who will come and you can accordingly arrange for the food. Asking for RSVP also cuts down the number of guests who “may come” but eventually don’t show up. You might be interested in hiring a mobile bar, if you are in Farnham or the surrounding area, if so google search mobile bar hire Farnham.

Pick a theme

You never know when you will catch up with your buddy again, so why not throw a theme party! It can be a fun way to send your friend off to a new place. Here are a few going away party themes that you can try:

● Packing parties – This is possible if your guest of honour allows you to throw the party at his place. You, and your guests, can bring food and booze and make it a gala party. But all of you should also help your buddy pack his boxes so that he doesn’t have to do everything alone.
Destination parties – This requires time, money, and approval from everyone on the guest list. You can select a place where you think everyone will enjoy to their fullest. Vegas, for example, can be an excellent destination for a going away party. Get drunk, spend time at the casino, and enjoy every moment to make your party worthwhile. It can be the best way to say that the entire group will miss their buddy.
● Bon voyage parties – This is the perfect send-off theme for anyone close to you. A bon voyage theme is all about best wishes for the new journey and adventure. You can select decorations that suit the theme, such as bottles of wine with airplanes printed on them or travel-themed tablecloths.

You can even skip the theme and keep the party plain and simple if you think that your guest of honour wouldn’t like it. A going away party is about getting together with the closest group of people. Even a pizza party in a room can be cosy enough than a grand-themed party.

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