4 Great Reasons To Join A Pottery Class

1 Pottery Classes Are Fun

This is really important when you are giving up a bit of your downtime, you need to do something fun and enjoyable! Creating pottery pieces will take you back to those primal instincts when you create and work with practical and functional items using your hands. There is also something about the feel of clay in your hands that is enjoyable and free, making you think about your younger years when getting dirty and muddy was something that you really enjoyed. There is a good reason why many celebrities love taking pottery classes.

There is freedom and fun involved when you want to make a creation, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Handmade pottery involves celebrating imperfection, and this means you won’t have to worry about doing something “wrong” and there is no pressure for your piece to be perfect or flawless. So throw away all your inhibitions and go and enjoy a pottery class! One place I would highly recommend for going for pottery classes is Fire Formed.

2 You Will Meet Like-Minded, Friendly People

One of the best things about attending pottery classes is that you can work alone, but you will also get to meet new people. Creating pottery in classes, similar to how advanced potters work together in pottery studios, is a fantastic hobby for extroverts and introverts.

If you are known for your creative mind and love working with both your hands and your fingers, pottery classes are an easy way to meet up with other people that share interests with you or to make new friends when you have moved into a new neighbourhood. Some people join pottery classes not just to create pottery, but to also make friends. The addiction and joy of creating pieces that soon follow are regarded as a bonus. In some cases, students go for drinks or coffee after the class, which can turn it into a social hobby should this be what you are looking for.

3 It Offers A Way To Be Creative, Even When You Are Not “Arty”

Creativity can mean many things, and it often takes on different forms, which will depend on the individual. If you cannot create a design like Valentino or paint a portrait like the Mona Lisa, this doesn’t mean you are not creative. Often, we miss out on opportunities to practice creative activities or think creatively since our work environments are very practical or corporate.

Creativity is very important and it offers many benefits when it comes to your mind. We have already covered how creating pottery can benefit mental wellness, how it helps to relieve stress or work through different emotions. But creativity can also create positive energy when you are focused on something that you enjoy rather than things that are causing you stress. Creating pottery will also increase brain plasticity and this stimulates communication across different parts of your brain.

A brain that is well-connected, can help you to process information faster and better. Making pottery in a class or from home with one of our Home Pottery kits is a creative act. It can help you to keep your mind focused and is comparable to meditation since it has a calming effect when it comes to both your body and your mind.

4 Offers The Chance To Switch Off

The Myers-Brigg company discovered that people that are always switched “on” usually experience mental exhaustion, burn-out, and high stress. This is why it is vital to take breaks where you allow yourself to completely switch off.

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